With more than a decade of experience, VWM Analytics provides corporate and legal professionals with expertise surrounding economic analysis, forensic accounting, business investigation, and financial forecasting. As it began to serve more industries and expand its client base, VWM Analytics recognized that its existing software had limited bandwidth and was unable to support the data being input into the system. It was cumbersome to research the status of each client’s case, with the information being stored in disparate platforms. To read the full story, DOWNLOAD THE PDF »


Service Cloud Summary of the Solution

Roycon’s consultation provided VWM with a single view of each case, transforming time-consuming tasks into tasks that take seconds, such as getting up-to-speed on an individual case and performing conflict checks. VWM now has the capability to:

  • Immediately access individual cases on a centralized platform
  • Generate invoices with the click of a button instead of aggregating information from different systems
  • Better leverage its data
  • Easily reach out to clients regarding continuing education programs
  • Rely on a scalable foundation that can grow as the company evolves and increases its client base

"Roycon Technologies was able to increase our productivity by 50%, we are able to process invoices twice as fast as we use to."

Victoria Wilkerson
Principal, VWM Analytics

Service Cloud Results

  • Now it takes 10 seconds to generate an invoice.
  • A conflict check can be done in a matter of 30 seconds.
  • There has been a 90% decrease in invoice production time.


Our Process

Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Let’s discuss your goals and objectives, perform a needs analysis, and field any questions you might have to perform research to provide the best overview of the scope of your project.

Business Analysis
Business Analysis

Let’s explore how Salesforce can best be adapted to compliment or improve your business model. Our goal is to improve your businesses productivity and efficiency.

Custom Development
Custom Development

Once the scope of work is defined we’ll begin the process of building your customized Salesforce solution. We’ll offer improvements that may be uncovered during the development process.

Implementation and Integration
Implementation & Integration

After building and testing your solution, we’ll implement changes to your live Salesforce org. We’ll have a hands-on observation and analysis to ensure there are no issues or changes.



Once we are live we will train your administrator to make sure they are familiar with the functionality of the newly deployed Salesforce application. Additional training and support are available.

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